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David Ruben Piqtoukun - Shaman Mask David Ruben Piqtoukun - Bear Man Noah Echalook - Hunter / Seal Float Kelly Etidloie - Bust
David Ruben Piqtoukun - Bear David Ruben Piqtoukun - Fish/Shaman Tukkie Manomie - Transformation Tukkie Manomie - Transformation
Ron Apangalook - Large Bear Ron Apangalook - Killer Whale Ron Apangalook - 2 Seals w/ Base Ron Apangalook - 1 Seal w/ Base
Noah Echalook - Stone Walrus Ron Apangalook - Otter With Shell Ron Apangalook - Large Otter Ron Apangalook - Eagle w/ Ivory Face
Ron Apangalook - Eagle Ivory Wall Plaque Ron Apangalook - Playing Swimming Seal Ron Apangalook - Round Ivory Eagle Ron Apangalook - Kayak
Ron Apangalook - Sedna Shaman Ron Apangalook - Eagle Shaman Ron Apangalook - Bear Shaman w/ Wand Ron Apangalook - Wolf Shaman w/ Spear
Ron Apangalook - C. Edwards Spotted Seal w/ Base Ron Apangalook - K. Kaningook 2 Tundra Swans Ron Apangalook - Large Bird Tim Alowa - Bear
W. Okoomealinkok - W. Okoomealingok Playing Bears Peter Eyeetsiak - Large Bear Moshe Kelly - Black Bear  
Man Carving Stone Flight of the Shaman Johnny Boy Inuit - Nain
Small Mask Angry Loon Bird with figures Johnny Qavavau - owl
Small Mask Tukiki Manomie - spirit Tukiki Manomie - spirit Tukiki Manomie - Faces
Tukiki Manomie - Bird Jimmy Tunnillie - Spirit Kelly Etidloie - Seona Tukiki Manomie - Spirit
Napachie Sharky - Bird Alausha Sharky - Bird